China Tells Japan Banning TikTok Will Have Consequences

It’s in the public domain that Chinese short video sharing social network TikTok has been facing hurdles concerning how it handles its users data and security of the data.

This week alone a lot has been happening concerning the app, first U.S President threatened to ban in in United States nu later he retracted from that line of thought and allowed its parent company ByteDance negotiate ale of the app to Microsoft Corp. (MSFT).

Japan now seems to hold the same views as United States concerning TikToks’s data issues. A section of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers are now pushing to see reforms put in place which will have restrictions put on the app.

The Japanese lawmakers claim that data of users may end up in the hands of China’s government. ByeDance has been doing its possible best to distance itself from such claims by even claiming it does not store its data in China.

However, this won’t go away since Chinese companies have a pact with the government which orders them to share data with government intelligence agencies when need be.

Following the move by Japanese lawmakers, China cautioned Japan that banning TikTok will have great impacts on bilateral relations between the two largest economies in Asia.

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