U.S Has Lost Almost $100 Million to Coronavirus Related Frauds and Scams

According to a report published by a consumer protection group SocialCatfish.com so far, United States has lost around $100 million to coronavirus related frauds since the pandemic set foot in the beginning of the year.

Since the virus was declared a global pandemic, affected victims in the United States have lost $97.4 million up to August 4.

The report further indicates filed complaints against coronavirus scams have more than doubled in many States in the past few months.

The group extracted its data from government records which shockingly shows that Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, California and Texas are the most targeted states by the fraudsters and scammers in their quest to con unsuspecting individuals.

National data captured by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), shows that the above five states account for 150,000 coronavirus related fraud cased reported from mid-March after the World Health Organization declared the deadly virus a global pandemic.

Equally, relatively smaller states were not spared, in the period between March to July coronavirus related fraud and scam cases in Maine quadrupled.

In addition, the study also revealed price swindling was also on the rise among other consumer products scams as some malicious sellers are taking advantage of the desperation of individuals during the pandemic.

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