BT CEO Caution Against Banning Huawei Too Fast

Chief Executive Officer of Britain based BT Group (LON: BT), Philip Jansen, has cautioned Britain government against moving too fast to ban embattled Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies from engaging in setting up 5G infrastructures across the country.

Jansen is of the opinion that being in a rush to ban Huawei might bring up some disruptions and even lead to security issues.

While at BBC Radio interview, the CEO said it will take some time to completely cut ties with Huawei otherwise it poses great danger if done in a haste.

If you are to try not to have Huawei at all, ideally we would want seven years and we could probably do it in five. We need to make sure that any change of direction does not lead to more risk in the short term,” said Jansen.

United has been mounting extreme pressure on European nations to ban Huawei from undertaking 5G development contracts in Europe as it accuses the company of using its infrastructure to spy for China’s government.

In its response, Huawei accused United States of curtailing its growth rate since it’s the largest manufacturer of telecom equipment in the world and no U.S based company can match its production levels and competitive prices.

In the course of the week, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is expected to make an announcement whether Britain will be imposing tougher restrictions on Huawei.

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