Hong Kong Citizens Turn Out to Vote Against Controversial Security Bill

Less than a week after China’s parliament passed the controversial Hong Kong security bill, more than 500,000 Hong Kong citizens queued over the past weekend to vote against what they termed as a harsh bill directly being imposed on them by China.

This unofficial election will decide the best suited pro-democracy candidates to contest in upcoming legislative council elections slated for September.

A high ranking Hong Kong government official had earlier issued a stern warning to citizens regarding the polls. Nonetheless, very high number of voter turnout both young and old was recorded across the 250 polling stations.

A number of individuals volunteered as security guards in the polling stations.

These polls were only held by the opposition side in Hong Kong, however, several observers were following them closely making a conclusion that, the voter turnout will serve as an indicator of how the newly passed bill sits with the normal citizens in Hong Kong.

One youthful Hong Kong democrat, Sunny Cheung, has been out and about urging people to come out in masses to vote against the bill. He believes such will send a strong message to the people in power.

A high turnout will send a very strong signal to the international community,that we Hong Kongers never give up. And that we still stand with the democratic camp, we still support democracy and freedom,” said Cheung.

Organizers of the poll announced by Sunday afternoon over 500,000 people had already voted. The election is expected to conclude on Monday 13.



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