Dominican Republic’s Opposition Wins Presidential Elections

Dominican Republic went into elections in recently concluded weekend to elect a new leader for the Caribbean nation. Presidential candidate and opposition leader under Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) Luis Abinader, was declared the winner in the elections on July 5.

This victory and announcement brought to an end the 16 years the ruling party has been in power.

After 22% of total votes had been counted preliminary polls indicated that Abinader started taking an early lead against his arch rival Gonzalo Castillo who ran under the ruling party ticket, Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and had been endorsed by President Danilo Medina.

Final vote tally declared Abinader, 52, the victory having bagged by 53.3% of total votes while this competitor Castillo, 59, managed to secure 37.1% of the total votes.

President Medina, 68, has served under the position for two consecutive four year terms. He was willing to even seek another term but his dream was cut short after he failed to clinch much required backing for constitutional changes that would allow him seek a third term.

Following his announcement as the winner, Abinader addressed his supporters telling them he will be ascending into power at the most difficult time in the history of their country majorly caused by the pandemic.

Today we vanquished fear with hope and doubt with determination,” added Abinader.

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