Biden Fires Shots at Republican Senators Opposing Law on Foreign Election Interference

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked U.S Republican senators for blocking a legislation which would require campaigns to report foreign offers on U.S elections.

Biden says the reporting will help FBI in investigation when it comes to election matters and transparency, but if the law continues receiving hurdles then this could pave way for interference in upcoming November 2020 Presidential elections.

This action today can only raise questions about partisan motivation in leaving open the channels for hostile foreign government intervention in our election process,” said Biden.

Top ranking Democratic Senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Mark Warner, accused the Republican Senators of having peculiar motives further adding the bill only means and intends good by avoiding actions like those in 2016 elections whereby U.S intelligence services confirmed there was external interference from Russia.

Senator Warner introduced the bill for the first time last year following conclusion of an investigation into Russian interference by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The bill was met with opposition after Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn, blocked it terming it a stunt.

Several U.S intelligence agencies established Russia assisted U.S Republican President Trump in 2016 elections. Trump has denied the allegations repeatedly terming them fake and a hoax.

Some are using recent developments whereby Trump’s government took no action against recent intelligence suggesting Russians hired Afghanistan groups to kill U.S troops to cement the allegations on 2016 elections.

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