Pepsi Quits Advertising on Facebook

Beverage and snack company PepsiCo Inc. (PEP) has joined the band wagon becoming the latest entry in the list of high profile companies ditching advertising on Facebook Inc. (FB) platforms.

These companies pulling off from advertising from Facebook are accusing the giant social network of not doing enough to minimize and control spread of hate speech, misinformation and posts inciting violence across its social networks.

As when this article was posted, already a total of 19 high profile companies had pulled off their ads from Facebook a scenario which is dangerous for the pioneer social network because these social networks generate a large chunk of their total revenue from ad revenue.

Numerous other companies have threatened to also follow suit if Facebook doesn’t change its position against hate speech and misinformation across its platforms.

According to Pespsi, they won’t be advertising on Facebook all through the months of July and August. Several media houses tried reaching out to the company for more details on the matter but Pepsi didn’t respond.

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