Obama Conducts First Campaign For Biden Helping Raise $11 Million

Former U.S President Barack Obama conducted his first campaign for Democratic Party Presidential candidate in upcoming Presidential elections in November. In the campaign, Obama urged supporters to rise up and deliver much needed support especially this time when their help is urgently needed.

The virtue fundraising campaign was conducted on 23rd June.

In the virtue fundraiser which saw $11 million raised in favor of Biden’s campaign, Obama urged supporters to even step up their efforts a little more. “I appreciate all of you being on this call. But man, this is serious business. Whatever you’ve done so far is not enough,” said Obama.

Around 175,000 grassroots contributors, contributed $7.6 million towards the virtue fundraiser. Obama and his former assistant further hosted a private online fundraiser for high-dollar supporters. This one was kept private from the media however, the duo said it fetched an additional $3.4 million for the campaign.

Political analysts are arguing that Obama remains most popular figure among the Democratic base, many are counting on him to play a key role on Biden’s election bid.

Obama has been constantly criticizing his successor President Trump for his way of leadership. During the virtue fundraiser Obama accused Trump of exploiting existing divisions among Americans further terming his leadership style as ‘mean spirited’.

There is no disconnect between the urgency of this election and the political moment and what has been happening on the streets,” said Obama.

President Trump is a step ahead of Biden when it comes to financial capability. In the beginning of the year this was turning out to being a major concern to Biden’s team since his fundraising activities were fetching him less compared to his Democratic competitors leave alone President Trump.

However, in the past two months things seem to be picking on well for the Democratic Presidential candidate. In May Biden’s campaign team raised $80.8 million, the highest ever amount raised by the team in a month moreover it was the first time Biden’s team raised more cash than Trump’s team which raised $74 million in the same month.

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