Going Forward Apple Will be Using its Own Chips for Mac Computers

Leading tech giant Apple Inc. (AAPL) has announced that henceforth it will be using its own chips for its Mac computers. The company says first Mac computers using these chips will be produced before the year wraps up.

The switch over will put an end to the 15 years Apple has been using chips from leading U.S based chip manufacturer Intel Corp. (INTC).

Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, acknowledged Intel for moving with Apple every step of the way since when the company was launched back in 1980’s. However, Cook said the shift to using its own chips marks a new dawn for the company.

Silicon is at the heart of our hardware. Having a world class silicon design team is a game changer,” said the CEO.

The silicon switch brings the Mac into line with the company’s iPhone and iPads, which already use Apple-designed chips,” added the CEO.

Cook further clarified, the complete transition for Mac computers is expected to take around two years and that Apple has a variety of computers using Intel’s chips which they will support for many years.

This development is a blessing to Apple’s software developers especially those who develop third party apps for iPhones and iPads for the first time ever they will be able to develop these apps for MacBook and IMacs.

Vice President of software engineering at Apple, Craig Federighi, says most apps in the upcoming line of Macs will function without any changes from the developer. “The vast majority of existing apps for Intel-based machines can be modified to work in just a few days,” said Federighi.

Experts speculate a likelihood that Intel will continue serving Apple with data center chips which supports iCloud services. In a public statement, Intel said Apple remains its customer across several other areas of business.

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