Trump’s Campaign Team Raised $74 Million in May

The campaign team for U.S President Donald Trump together with the Republican National Committee managed to raise a $74 million in May for the re-election of the sitting President in upcoming November Presidential elections.

The sum is on a higher side compared to the $61.7 million the team raised in April, the team made the announcement as President Trump was preparing for a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The rally turned out to be smaller than anticipated, nonetheless it was the first major campaign held since coronavirus set in shutting down all campaigning activities across the country.

Following his confirmation as the Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Joe Biden has been stepping up his fundraising activities. This saw his campaign team and Democratic National Committee raise $80.8 million in May.

This was the largest amount Biden’s team raised in a single month of fundraising.

Not only did Biden out do Trump in fundraising but he also out did President Trump in various national polls carried out across U.S during this pandemic times.

According to experts, demonstrations over racial discrimination have been a major contributor to Biden’s victory over Trump in the opinions polls. On the other side, experts say Trump has a cash advantage over Biden.

By the end of May, Trump’s re-election kitty had $108.1 million cash in hand while that of his competitor Biden had $82.4 million. In the same month, Trump spend twice as much Biden spend for campaigning he dished out $24.5 million with over 50% of it going to political advertising.

Biden on the other side, spent $11.million for his campaigns in May.


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