Amazon Will be Using AI to Enhance Social Distancing Among Workers

Leading e-commerce company Amazon Inc. (AMZN) has announced that it will be using Artificial Intelligence to enhance social distancing among its employees especially those working in the warehouses.

The company said this during an event where it unveiled an artificial intelligence tracking system set to assist in enhancing social distancing among warehouse and office employees so as to minimize any possible transmission of the deadly virus across workers.

Amazon has been forced to take such drastic measures as the company has been under immense scrutiny from unions, social groups and U.S lawmakers concerning if the company is doing enough to shield its workers from conducting the deadly virus.

Monitors will be set up in Amazon’s warehouses whereby they will be using green circles to ensure workers are keeping safe by maintaining distance while red circles will mean the workers are too close to each and therefore need to distance further.

The AI system will be known as Distance Assistant, additionally it will be using camera footage from Amazon’s buildings to spot and identify crowded areas.

According to an internal memo of Amazon, the company is in the process of testing a wearable device that will be lighting up and producing an audio alert when employees come too close.

Experts claim the AI camera based software is the best currently in the market due to its openness and it does not only show if workers and clients are observing regulations but also the insurers and regulators.

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