North Korea Blows Up Liaison Office with South Korea Threatens to take More Action

Tensions between North Korea and South Korea seems to be building up as North Korea blew up an office established to foster better ties with South Korea in its border town of Kaesong. North Korea further threatened to take more actions if North Korea defectors won’t cease spreading propaganda leaflets in North Korea.

North Korea is accusing the defectors of distributing leaflets with malicious messages painting North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un a bad picture. The country is now threatening to cut ties completely with South Korea.

North Korea dubs the defectors ‘human scum’ and according to the state media the blow up was aimed at forcing these human scums and those who have sheltered the scum, to pay dearly for their crimes.

KCNA, state owned media outlet, was the first to report on the matter describing the office as tragically ruined by a terrific explosion. The office had remained closed since January fearing spread of deadly coronavirus.

On the other end, South Korea equally reported the development, several media houses in the country reported hearing an explosion further adding smoke was visible seen rising over the border town of Kaesong.

Prior to its closure, the office was operating as an embassy for both North and South Korea. Its demolition will serve a huge set back to efforts made by Presidents of both states aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries which for far so long have been a major problem.

Report indicate that South Korean military was aware of North Korea’s intention of demolishing the office, it’s said the military officials watched live surveillance as the office was getting blown up.

Last weekend, KCNA reported the sister of President Kim Jon, Kim Yo-Jong who adds up as the first vice director of the United Front Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), ordered for the demolition.



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