U.S Set to Impose Restrictions on State Run Chinese Media Outlets

The government of United States is set to slap additional four state operated Chinese media outlets operating in the country with restrictions, this was revealed by officials in Trump’s government who are directly involved in the matter.

Back in February, U.S accused five Chinese media outlets of being manipulated and used by China and its communist rulers to spread rumors and propaganda. Later in the month U.S inflicted restrictions on these Chinese media houses.

According to the sources, the additional restrictions may be imposed as early as this week and for sure it will escalate tensions between U.S and China further. This revelation comes barely days after President Trump said Hong Kong won’t be receiving any special treatment from the U.S due to China’s continued involvement in Hong Kong.

Among the media houses to be imposed with restrictions include largest China state owned media China Central Television (CCTV) and second largest media outlet owned by Chinese government also China News Service.

Just like the previous five, the additional four Chinese media houses will be required to register all their employees plus assets and properties they own it the U.S with the State Department.

Just like other media outlets, the Chinese owned media hoses have been on the forefront covering high spirited racism related demonstrations across United States highlighting how Trump was seeking to use military intervention in the chaotic demonstrations.

For months now Chinese owned media houses has been at loggerheads with Trump’s administration. “These are Chinese Communist Party propaganda outlets that peddle dangerous information to grow the Party’s power not report the news,” said Michael McCaul, a Republican on the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs.

Earlier, the U.S government announced it will be cutting down number of journalists working at U.S. offices of major Chinese media firms from 160 to 100 due to long term continued intimidation from the Chinese government.

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