Senator Warren Will be Hosting a Private Fundraiser for Biden

U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren will be hosting a private fundraising event for Democratic Presidential hopeful and former U.S vice President Joe Biden. New York Times was the first to report this claiming the well decorated consumer lawyer agreed to host the event.

Sources linked to the matter who sought anonymity revealed the event will take place online on June 15 as a way to limit physical interaction hence reducing chances of possible spread of deadly coronavirus.

During her campaigns for Democratic Presidential party ticket, Warren declared she will refrain from private fundraising events. This was one of her strategy to clinch the party’s nomination ticket for upcoming U.S Presidential elections.

Warren has been on record accusing fellow candidate of worshiping donors and wealthy contributors, a scenario she termed as selling access to their time for money.

Nonetheless, Warren dropped out of party’s nomination ticket paving way for Joe Biden to settle it with incumbent Republican U.S President Donald Trump.

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