Sony Develops World’s First Image Sensor With Integrated AI

Japan based Sony Corporation (TYO: 6758) has announced having developed first image sensor with an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) processor in the world.

Sony claims this image sensor is capable of scanning barcodes, monitor drowsiness of a driver and it can determine size of a crowd. All this will be captured in one chip.

“As an AI processor is stacked on an image-sensing chip, the complete package can extract and process data without sending it to the cloud or elsewhere, eliminating transmission latency and reducing power consumption,” added Sony.

The company says the new venture will be targeting smartphones largely. Revenue from image sensors for smartphone cameras makes up to 90% of profit generated from Sony’s chip business hence the move by the company to capitalize on smartphones.

Sony boasts of conquering the market as the company provides smartphone manufacturers with cameras which have magnificent focus features.

The company is looking forward to capitalize on this new AI-embedded chip to increase profitability of its chip making business by up to 30%.

In other news, Sony says the pandemic had indeed affected its profitability and the situation will go on, hence this will force the company to adjust its financial guidance for the year and later make the announcements public.

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