Shanghai Disneyland Reopens Without Much Pomp

Following a three months closure period after global breakout of deadly coronavirus finally Disneyland lovers in China have a reason to smile since Walt Disney Co. (DIS) reopened doors Shanghai Disneyland to the public once again.

Despite that the re-opening was less popped and without much fuss thousands of visitors found their way into Shanghai Disneyland on May 11 when it resumed operations. This becomes the first park to be reopened by the entertainment company after closing all parks due to coronavirus pandemic three months ago.

In the reopening ceremony Mickey Mouse was joined other regular Disney characters in welcoming visitors at the magic land. Unfortunately, the traditional glamour in such an event was missing, there were no fireworks and parades instead visitors were treated to temperature checks, mandatory masks and social distancing.

I’m a little disappointed, but there’s nothing we can do – thinking of the virus, you have to avoid guests gathering closely, it’s understandable,” said Zhang Zhongyu, a Disney pass holder.

Kay Yu, a Shanghai Disneyland pass holder, says he was up by 4am to make the trip to the Shanghai Park.  “I think these measures make tourists feel at ease,” said Yu.

Shanghai Park opened in 2016, it received 10 million visitors on its first year of operation.

Disney says it will only be allowing 20% of its daily visitors which is 16,000 people in to the park in a day. Chinese government had earlier directed the company to minimize the number to 30% which is 24,000 visitors in a day, but Disney willingly reduced the figure by 10%.

The scale down of daily visitors is made to reduce further spread of the coronavirus, additionally Disney has taken other measures like shutting down interactive children’s play areas and indoor live theatre shows.



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