President Trump Spending $10 Million on Ads for Re-election Campaigns

Incumbent U.S President Donald Trump officially launched his re-election campaign in upcoming U.S Presidential election set to happen later in the year. Republican President Trump will be taking Democratic nominee and former U.S Vice President Joe Biden head on in the election.

According to an insider source who sought anonymity, Trump will be spending a minimum of $10 million on nationwide ads across social networks, broadcasts outlets and TV networks.

Trump’s campaign team has decided to capitalize on coronavirus pandemic to gain political mileage against his competitor. Trump has always been blaming China for global breakout of the deadly virus.

It’s on record, Trump and other senior officials in his administration clearly pointing accusing fingers on China claiming the virus was developed in the country. In the beginning of the week, U.S secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced he has gathered new evidence which shows the virus was developed in a Wuhan lab.

Trump has repeatedly publicly dubbed the virus ‘Chinese Virus’ as much as it originated there many see it as a politically fueled name.

Joe Biden is on record for having a soft spot for China, the Presidential hopeful is on record opposing travel restrictions imposed on foreigners coming from China by President Trump in the beginning of the year.

In one of the ads, Trump’s team blames Biden for standing against these restrictions saying the former Vice President won’t stand up for United States.

On the receiving end, Biden’s campaign team denounced the message, citing Biden’s spokesperson Andrew Bates, he accuses Trump of double standards saying back in January and early February Trump was praising China for the way they were handling breakout of the virus.

Bates goes ahead and says President Trump has  ‘horrifically mismanaged the worst public health crisis in over 100 years‘.

Biden’s team went further launching offensive campaign against Trump based on how reckless he has been handling coronavirus pandemic since its breakout. Biden’s campaign team believes the upcoming elections must be a referendum base on how Trump has handled the pandemic.

Biden has not yet disclosed how much he will be using on his campaign ads, however he spend millions on ads during Democratic Party primaries. According to a report done by two ad companies, Advertising Analytics and Cross Screen Media, the upcoming November elections could see up to $1.7 billion spend on ads only.

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