Google to Integrate its Video Conferencing Tool to Support 16 Users at a Go

Parent company of search engine Google Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) introduced a video calling tool to its services dubbed Meet. The video call tool launched in September last year and it has only been available for various institutions which have a account.

Video conferencing services have been on high demand, Google has always maintained high standards in security of user data, this automatically gives its video conferencing tool an upper hand against its competitors including widely used Zoom app owned by Zoom Video Communication (ZM).

Google’s vice president, Javier Soltero, told reporters the demand increase in video conferencing caused by stay at home orders pushed the company to speed the process of integrating Meet with Gmail further launching the new update ahead of schedule.

He also acknowledged security concerns affecting similar service providers like Zoom had indeed given them a boost in terms of numbers since traffic was shifting to other venues deemed more secure.

I’ve seen time and time again customers and prospects coming from other solutions that have not been able to keep up or had concerns in security and reliability,” he said.

Unfortunately, at the moment Meet is only available to governments, schools and businesses. Additionally, he said the Meet and Hangout exist as two independent entities which can’t be synchronized in any way at the moment.

Google says current lockdown and quarantine situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has increased the number of daily Meet users by millions. Many institutions have largely been using the service in the last three months.

Soltero said Google is focusing and adding extra functionalities in the Meet tool aimed at increasing its efficiency and user friendliness.

Among the features to be added includes upgrading Meet layout to enable app support 16 call participants at once. Google will also improve the video quality where the user is in a poorly lit background in addition the app will have the ability to filter background noises like slamming doors and keyboard clicks.


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