The Gates Increase WHO Funding After Trump Withdrew U.S Funding

Trumps Cuts Funding WHO

In the beginning of the week U.S President Donald Trump announced suspending funding of World Health Organization (WHO) from the United States. He further accused the organization of being so soft on China where the coronavirus originated.

Trump claimed main reason for dropping funding was due to the fact, WHO easily accepted everything China was giving concerning the virus without digging in on anything a situation which has put existence of the human species at a risk worldwide.

“The WHO willingly took China’s assurances to face value. Reliance on China’s disclosures likely caused a 20-fold increase in cases worldwide,” said President Trump.

Trump says WHO failed its basic mandate by allowing Coronavirus take control.

This decision by Trump’s administration raised uproar in the entire world many questioning the wisdom in cutting out funding of an international agency in the middle of a global crisis notwithstanding the magnitude of the pandemic.

Gates Scale Up WHO Funding by $150 Million

A day after Trump cut out U.S funding to WHO, Melinda Gates came out strongly explaining why it’s a bad idea. In her words, Melinda said it was it was dangerous and nonsensical to cut out WHO funding during this pandemic time.

Additionally, she also said an additional $150 million from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be pumped in WHO to enable the agency speed up development of vaccines, increase public awareness of the disease, tackle new infections and curb spread of the disease.

Melinda expressed her confidence in the agency saying she was sure WHO is more than able to contain the pandemic.

Bill Gates shares same views with his wife, as he believes depriving WHO its financial capabilities during this hard time is the worst thing which can happen.

“De-funding the WHO makes absolutely no sense during a pandemic. We need a global coordinated response. When you’re in a crisis like this, it’s all hands on deck,” said Bill Gates.

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