Apple Exported 2.5 Million IPhones in China in March

The Chinese government has released data indicating that IPhone maker Apple Inc. (AAPL) shipped in 2.5 million IPhones in China during the just ended month of March.

China still remains the World’s second largest economy and the World’s largest market for Smartphones and several consumer electronics. However, demand for smartphones has been on a declining spree since breakout of deadly coronavirus end of last year.

March was the first Month since December when demand for smartphones was rebounding in China.

This data was released by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), which conducts research on behalf of the government. According to the data, a total of 21 million smartphones were shipped in China in March.

The total number of smartphones shipped in March is three times lower that that shipped in February, further the number is still 20% less the number of smartphones shipped in China at a similar period last year.

Citing the data from CAICT, in the month of February, Apple shipped in 500,000 IPhones in China.

China started coming out of coronavirus situation by resuming normalcy slowly by slowly in March. This lead to retailers opening their avenues once again, e-commerce companies are also up and kicking in China.

From look of things China seems to be on the edge of getting coronavirus pandemic under control and resuming full normal day to day operations.

On the other hand, the coronavirus situation in other parts of the world is either peaking or heading to peak.

Smartphone manufacturers are now looking forward to capitalize their sales in China so as to cater for declining sales in other markets all around the world.

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