Disney+ Set to Premiere in North Africa and in the Middle East

Mass media and entertainment company Walt Disney Co. (DIS) has announced that they’ll be launching their Disney+ services in North Africa and the Middle East come April 9.

The Disney+ content will be made available on regional pay television and online streaming service provider OSN which is based in the Middle East having its headquarters in Dubai.

While on a video call interview with the media, OSN Chief Executive Patrick Tillieux, confirmed signing a long term exclusive distribution rights agreement with Disney he did not however divulge on details of the agreement.

The CEO also acknowledged that this will be the first time ever Walt Disney’s content in Disney+ will be streamed via a  third party provider.

Disney+ boasts of so many hit shows on its platform among them, ‘The Mandarion’ which will be available on pay television and online streaming services of OSN across all the 17 markets on the region the service is available.

The online streaming platform will be costing $9.50 a month.

This deal come at a period when OSN is coming out of a 2019 restructuring plans which left it laying of 60% of its total labor force comprising of about 2,300 workers. The company’s executive said they have just popped out of a dark period.

Tillieux expressed his confidence in the company’s financial guidance for the year notwithstanding that the company is no longer selling or promoting its products in the markets due to the coronavirus situation.

On other hand, the CEO claimed online usage and pay television had spiked up since everyone is staying at home. For the past two weeks, online sales have also gone up.



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