Amazon Wooing Employees with Higher Pay to Pick and Pack Whole Food Groceries

World’s largest e-commerce company Amazon Inc. (AMZN) is wooing its employees who work in the warehouses with higher salaries to pick and pack whole food groceries amid coronavirus pandemic.

Without a doubt, many employees have lost their jobs following this pandemic, others have been forced to go on a mandatory less paid leave or an unpaid one. The only people lucky are the ones who have been told to work from home.

Indeed the pandemic is plunging the world economy with each new passing day, nonetheless, the retail industry has been experiencing a rise in demand both in physical orders and online orders.

Since quarantines and lockdowns are no longer words anymore individuals have been left with no other options than to buy goods in bulk. Even in places where quarantines and lockdown haven’t been declared yet, there are possibilities of the same being declared which pushes the consumers to panic buying resulting to a demand increase to the retailers.

This has been the case with Amazon, the company is currently facing a daily increase in online orders since millions of America residents are struck in their home. The firm seeks to switch its workers to handle the increase in online orders in a move referred to as labor sharing.

The Prime Now business has seen a mass increase in volume and is now offering labor share opportunities,” read part of a memo Amazon sent to its warehouse employees.

The company will be increasing employees pay by $2 per hour bringing total pay to $19 per hour up from $15 per hour. The company had increased the other $2 per hour in the beginning of the month citing the same issue, an increase in demand pushing workers to work more.

As we continue to see a significant increase in demand for grocery orders, we are offering temporary opportunities for associates across our fulfillment network to provide additional support,” said Amazon’s spokesperson.


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