A Group of Cyber Security Gurus Unite to tackle Coronavirus Related Hacking

Truth is it would be naive to think that at this time of a great catastrophe there are no criminal activities going on around the globe. As weird as it might sound, some bad people are still out there with intentions of benefiting from other peoples misfortunes.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic worldwide illegal hacking and cyber crimes have been on the rise since. This can be attributed to that fact that most of the companies have been halting their day to day operations or even urging employees to work from home where they don’t have access to some necessary equipment for some various tasks.

A group comprising of around 400 volunteers cyber security professional from all around the world have come together under a group name COVID-19 CTI League to fight hacking related cases during this time of coronavirus crises.

The group led by the head security in DEF CON. and vice president of a security firm Okta Inc., Marc Rogers, also comprises of cyber security experts from giant tech companies among them Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Amazon Inc. (AMZN).

COVID-19 CTI League: Come join the biggest Infosec CTI army in the world and help us squash COVID-19 cyberthreats,” Tweeted Rogers.

According to Rogers in his lengthily explanation, the group’s top agenda is joining hands against hacking activities targeted towards medical facilities and others sectors which serve as the first line of defense in this fight against coronavirus.

Second on the group’s priority list will be to defend communications networks and services which are now playing a very critical role considering employees are working from home.

Among other priorities of the group include combating phishing, a situation whereby people fraudulently pose as institutions via emails, telephone, or texts among other methods with an aim of acquiring sensitive data from the target.

“I’ve never seen this volume of phishing. I am literally seeing phishing messages in every language known to man,” posted Rogers.



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