Flipcart Suspends Operations in India Following a 21 Day Lockdown

On Wednesday Walmart Inc’s. (WMT) subsidiary Flipcart announced suspending its operations indefinitely in India. The company relayed this information through its website less than 24 hours after a 21 day lock-down had been declared in the world’s second highest populated country.

Flipcart did not reveal how long they intend to remain closed however the retailer assures its esteemed customers that it will be back to operations as soon as possible.

Our promise is that we will be back to serve you, as soon as possible,” read part of the notice.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ordered for a complete lock-down in the country for a three week period starting from March 25 as a measure of containing the rapid spreading deadly coronavirus which is now affecting each part of the whole world in one way or another.

Following intense consultation with the India’s government advisory committee the lock-down however exempted e-commerce companies which deliver vital necessities including food and medication. In addition banks and grocery stores were also exempted.

Long before the whole nation’s lock-down, various cities across India had started imposing curfews which resulted to confusions since the central government was issuing contrary orders.

Moments after the Prime Minister’s announcements panic set in immediately resulting to an influx in all retailers as individuals were doing what can be described as panic buying so as to have enough for the entire lock-down period or even longer depending on actual situation on ground.

Partly Amazon Inc. (AMZN) owned BigBasket-an online grocer operating in India said the announced lock-down had started to affect it even before it came into effect. The company says it’s experiencing an abnormal hike in orders resulting for it being fully booked for the next 7 days.

BigBasket said it’s liaising with respective authorities to ensure the deliveries will be made without a hitch.

We are working with the local authorities for the passes and permits that allow movement of personnel and vehicles involved,” said BigBasket.

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