Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Announces The Acquisition Of Pointy

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has today pronounced its acquisition of a start-up known as Pointy. The business guru sees the move as a major step forward in the e-commerce world. It had some time back disclosed that it was targeting cooperating with brick-and-mortar retailers.

Pointy and its success

Pointy, which is situated in Ireland, has made a name by developing leading software that is transforming operations of the physical retailers.

These retail businesses admit that matters are a lot easier despite not having outstanding e-commerce storefronts. Pointy has made their products easily discoverable.

The financial terms of the deal haven’t yet been disclosed. Reports indicate that any time from now, Google will give a formal statement. Pointy has posted on its site outlining that if all moves according to plan, the deal might come to a close soon. It might even be in a matter of weeks, and what is pending at the moment are matters to do with the customary closing conditions.

Pointy has made a statement outlining that it will be channeling resources towards the establishment of better services. It says that the future is looking bright, considering Google’s new commitment. Google enjoys expansive reach and also has the best resources.

A closer outlook

Analysts have applauded the recent move saying that it was a great one. According to them, Pointy is undoubtedly one of the businesses with some of the best products.

They have also referred to the fact that the business performed quite well, even in its earliest stages of business development. For instance, it closed many important business transactions. Pointy has managed to work with about 10% of a large number of physical retailers spread out across the United States.

This start has been operational for almost six years and has managed to raise almost $20 million from investors. Some of these investors include Google LocalGlobe, Polaris, and Frontline ventures. There are also some individuals such as Lars Rasmussen, who is commonly known for the building of the Google Maps Supremo. This leader has achieved much more, including the establishment of search and many enterprise products on Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

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