Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) Announces The Addition Of Robots To About 650 Stores

Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) has decided to get some more robots to assist with shelf-scanning and other activities. These will be operating in about 650 of its stores spread out across the United States.

Bossa Nova is the designer of the new robots; it operates from San-Francisco.

The automated workforce

This company has been adding to its automated workforce from time to time in a bid to speed up business operations. Some of its devices include the ones for scrubbing floors, gathering the online grocery orders, and for unloading trucks.

Walmart’s SVP of store innovations is called John Crecelius, and he has been speaking a lot about automation. According to him, it is a great way to speed up the cycle of business operations.

It is worth noting the role NCR Corp has played in supplying the company with the self-checkout kiosks and cash registers. It has been doing this for many years, and this time around it will be entrusted with the installation of the Bossa Nova machines. Their proper maintenance matters, and this will be the other area of focus.

The perspectives of leaders

NCR’s SVP, and who also happens to be its retail manager David Wilkinson has also spoken about the change. He has termed these robots a good addition that will need to be upheld by all means possible. The official projects that with time these robots will constitute a majority of Walmart’s stores. These are about 4,750 stores in the US.

The leader discloses that not all these automation tools come from Bossa Nova. According to him, the company has conducted some tests on the shelf scanning device that was developed by Nicholasville.

Reporters have been exerting efforts to have Crecelius open up regarding the impact of robots in Walmart’s overall operations. These reporters were specifically inclined to how much the robots had managed to cut down in terms of the out-of-stock products.

Crecelius seems so shallow in answering the question outlining that there have been some improvements in metrics.

The official says that their business associates have been quite impressed with the latest technological advancement. They believe it will play a major role in freeing them up from repetitive tasks.

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