Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Bug Displays The Real Admins Of Pages

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) accords businesses, public figures, and other entities an opportunity to display their information on its platform. A good example would be a case where a select group of people posts on behalf of a business such as WIRED.

The bug and company’s efforts

The social media giant has always kept details about the various people that make edits to pages anonymous. However, a bug just occurred and doxed a large number of people that posted for the leading accounts. It occurred on Friday, and Facebook has thanked a security researcher that brought the matter to its attention.

Facebook says that it was quick at fixing the matter and has also explained how it happened. The company explains that the bug happened after the management took to updating code on Thursday evening.

The business guru has rushed to its defense, outlining that quite a few people would have noticed the bug and taken advantage of it. Facebook says that it would be a cumbersome process that would start from navigating the page, taking a look at the diet history, and much more. According to it, a lot of people would not quickly know that the account name and profile picture shouldn’t be visible. Such knowledge would be important for anyone with the motive of seizing the opportunity.

A few people noticed the bug

Facebook reveals that despite its efforts, there had been some people that had taken advantage of the bug already. This company’s team of experts noticed some screenshots in circulation depicting the accounts behind the official Facebook pages of businesses and influential figures.

Some of the big names were Banksy, who happens to be a pseudonymous artist, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, and Justin Trudeau, who is the Canadian prime minister. The others were Greta Thunberg, who is a climate activist, hacking collective Anonymous, and the US rapper Snoop Doggy.

Facebook admits that what happened was not good! However, it is glad that nothing more than a public profile link and a name were displayed! It adds that this kind of information hasn’t been programmed to show on the edit history section asserting that it was an error.

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