Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Genius Shows That iPads Are Far From Replacing PCs

On several occasions in the past Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has always insisted that its iPad Pro worked the same as a PC. This assertion was questioned by the likes of Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT). However, an Apple store genius recently demonstrated that the iPad is far from replacing the PC.

iPad is not a PC

Apple could also have admitted that the iPad is not a computer judging from the company’s worldwide marketing vice president Phil Schiller. Schiller indicated last year that there is a difference between the iPads and the MacBooks. He indicated that they consider the mac as the best personal computer, and it is a path they have kept following. He also indicated that they considered the iPad as the best tablet computing device.

Recently, tech writer Russell Holly revealed that the iPad is yet to replace the PC. This follows an incident where Russell took his AirPod to an Apple store clinic for repair. Russell revealed that the Genius who performed diagnostic analysis on the device did not use post PC equipment. He said that the iPad was hooked to a laptop that was hooked to a dongle and then to the AirPod.

Consumer share experiences on how iPad os far from replacing PC

Russell indicated that it was the laptop that was doing all the work and not the iPad. His Twitter post on the same created a heated debate. Some users said that the iPad did their work satisfactorily while others expressed their doubts that the iPad Pro is not all that.

For instance, Michael Perry shared his experience, indicating that he used most of his time trying to figure out what different apps do or how to do simple things because t used the Right API. He adds that he, at last, gave up and bought a MacBook Pro.

Technology can only become expendable when it is becoming common to most people. Tech companies should not push consumers to abandon older tech for a new one that is not even a replacement.

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