, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s Alexa Stay On Top At CES 2020: Samsung’s Neon And Impossible’s Pork Steals The Limelight, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN)’s Alexa, and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google Assistant are trying to win one over the other at CES 2020. Samsung’s Neon, which develops AI avatars that boast a human look, and Impossible Pork are attracting the viewers at CES 2020.

Amazon establishes three exhibits

Amazon has improved a lot this year at CES when compared to Google, which is on a minimal note. The company has set up three separate exhibits to showcase its Ring Home Security Devices, automotive partnerships, and gadgets powered by Alexa. The company also brought Lamborghini sports cars that come with Alexa powered controls to the show floors.

Daniel Rausch, Executive (Smart Home) of Amazon, has accompanied the guests at the Venetian through Alexa exhibit to showcase the smart home stuff, which uses voice assistant that comprise board games and a fridge. The company will add more features to Alexa to make it more useful. Amazon also partnered with ExxonMobil that allows the customers to fill their cars with the gas at 11,500 stations in the US and pay using Alexa assistant.

Several million Alexa powered gadgets

According to revelations from Amazon, several million Alexa powered devices are in use across the world. It is almost double when compared to 100 million devices announced at last year’s CES.

Google established a two-story booth

Google has established a two-story booth outside the convention center in Las Vegas to showcase its Google Assistant. The visitors have issued voice commands while moving through the home kitchen and the market.

Google has not made many changes at this CES when compared to last year. The company hired several people to explain the features of its Voice Assistant to the guests. They just say Hey Google to awake the voice assistant. This year Google has added a screen reading feature to the voice assistant. It can read the blog posts and articles in a natural-sounding language loudly. Google said it is a preview. It did not allow the reporters to try the feature themselves.

According to Google, five hundred people are using the voice assistant every month. Its other products like Drive, Chrome, and maps each garnered a billion users. Voice assistant commands a user base of at least half of those, and it is a milestone for the company.

Amazon’s Alexa is the clear winner from the above when compared to Google’s Voice Assistant. The company is competing with Bixby of Samsung, Cortana of Microsoft, Siri of Apple, and Google Assistant.

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