Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) November Windows 10 Update Still Has Vulnerabilities

It seems that Windows 10 is still having issues that it faced in 2019, and now Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is asking users to update their operating systems because of vulnerabilities. In 2019 Windows 10 had a series of issues that ranged from limiting to frustrating and chaotic. Equally, Microsoft was hit by a whistleblower who exposed the reasons for the growing instability.

November Windows 10 update having issues

The company released a Windows 10 update in November, but it seems that it is still having issues of breaking core components of File Explorer. The bugs have been reported widely, and they affect file transfer and file search. Windows Latest picked the issues and has warned users that the update could be vulnerable. What is disheartening is that the company warned about the issues before the release of the update but shipped it and continued to ignore it.

Microsoft has, however, committed to investigating the problem despite its senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc riling some affected users. In a Twitter post, he indicated that the company would look into the issues, but considering it is not a pressing one, they may not receive traction until after the holidays.

Windows 10 faces “wormable” vulnerabilities

The company has indicated that the reported vulnerabilities could be “wormable.” This means that affected devices could spread malware and viruses without the action of a user. Microsoft’s Incidence Response director Simon Pope stated that there is a possibility that millions of computers could be vulnerable. He added that it is important for users of affected devices to patch them as quickly as possible. This is because of the high risks that the wormable vulnerabilities can cause.

Interestingly users that have allowed automatic Windows 10 updates might be protected already. However, for those who like updating windows manually, they can update by searching for “Windows Update” to get the update tool. The company has promised to make some changes to updates of Windows 10, but considering the operating system has almost one billion users globally, they changes should arrive early.

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