Nokia Corp (NYSE:NO) Will Upgrade RAN And Data Management Systems Of SETAR In Aruba: Around 110,000 Inhabitants And 2 Million Tourists Will Get 5G connectivity

Nokia Corp (NYSE:NO) announced the expansion of its longstanding agreement with SETAR. As per the terms of the contract, Nokia will upgrade the RAN and modernize the database management systems and core elements of SETAR in Aruba. It helps SETAR to focus on the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

First 5G deal in Latin America

Nokia is already operating a 4.5G network on the Island with the help of SETAR. The company is using its Single RAN Advanced AirScale technology to operate the 4.5G network. Nokia will establish the first 5G connectivity in Latin America. It takes up to two years for around 110,000 inhabitants on this island to enjoy the 5G connectivity. Around 2 million tourists will also enjoy the 5G network in Aruba.

Nokia will use AirScale triple and dual-band Remote Radio Heads in this project and reduces space requirements by up to 60%. The company will use MIMO technology to upgrade the existing technology to 5G. It allows mobile broadband use cases such as AR/VR, FWA, and smart cities. Nokia will improve the capacity by prudently utilizing the resources and by deploying AirScale Cloud Controllers and RAN.

Fifty commercial contracts worldwide

Nokia currently holds fifty commercial contracts across the world. The company has rolled out over fifteen live 5G networks with clients including AT&T, Verizon Communications, Sprint, Vodafone Italy, T-Mobile in the US, KT, SKT, and LGU in Korea and Zain in Saudi Arabia.

The current deal with SETAR shows confidence in the radio technology of Nokia. With the upgrade, SETAR will benefit from business services in healthcare and hospitality. Nokia has posted sales of Euro 5,686 million in the previous quarter, an increase of 4.2% when compared to the same period of last year. Because of additional investments in 5G and pressure on margins, Nokia has reduced the guidance for 2020.

Nokia to deploy 5G in Australia

Nokia entered a pact with Vodafone Hutchison Australia to deploy 5G and improve 4G networks in the nation. As per the terms of the accord, Nokia will implement Avant grade mobile network services in H1 2020. Nokia will receive additional orders from Vodafone with increased requirements for 5G.

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