Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Wins A Patent From The US Patent And Trademark Office For The System To Move Virtual Sound Away From The Audience

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is pleased to announce the winning of a patent for its groundbreaking technology to move the sound away from the audience. The new technology allows the listeners to enjoy the theatrical experience in watching movies, videos, and TV shows on a laptop.

Apple applies for a patent in 2018

Apple has applied for the patent for its innovative acoustics technology way back in 2018. It has received the patent for its system to move virtual sound away from the audience from the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday.

Distributes sound to all corners of the room

Apple would use the virtual sound system to immerse the audience in sound. The technology will distribute the sound to all corners and angles of the room so that the user feels that the audio is not coming from the laptop.

A tech analyst of Creative Strategies, Carolina Milanesi, said several people are discussing a clear sound emanating from all angles of the MacBook and creates a virtual illusion to the listeners. It makes sense to provide an immersive experience to the listeners who consume TV content on MacBook.

However, irrespective of this notion of virtual sound in all angles and all corners of the room, the listeners could easily identify that sound is coming from a laptop. The tech giant said it would fix this error caused due to exaggeration of the reverberations. Whether Apple will introduce this virtual surround sound feature in its new laptops is yet to be confirmed because some companies win the patent and may not introduce that feature at all.

Useful for gaming and augmented reality

The surround sound patent would be useful for gaming and augmented reality. It will add more illusion to the viewers because the games such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Pokemon Go make use of virtual creatures so that they look real. MacBooks have not yet adopted AR capability.

iPhone model to drive top-line growth

Apple expects to ship a new high-end iPhone model to drive the top-line growth in 2020. The suppliers of Apple are reportedly finalizing the full-screen display for this high-end model. It will also support 5G.

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