Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Resorts To Storytelling In Its Ad Campaigns

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is one of the business giants around the globe that know the power of proper business strategy. Google says that data has a significant impact when it comes to driving change worldwide.

Google’s take on the new strategy

Google also outlines that storytelling is another working way for any company to spread its message to customers and the general public. This company’s 68-page “Economic Impact Report” outlines several important points about business. According to it, the business guru has benefited a great deal from the economic activities of a significant number of businesses spared out across the United States. The report indicates the Google generated almost $335 billion, which it intends might rise significantly in years to come.

Google gives a large number of important connections to businesses on a nationwide scale, and that is every month. Sources indicate that millions of businesses in the US benefit from these connections. The company attributes its massive success to the use of its search and advertising tools. These stories of success are best spread out, and the best way to go is through stories, according to Google.

The report in question is quite elaborate. That is, considering that it serves customers and the general public with a state-by-state breakdown of everything they need to know about the leading business. One indisputable point is that the company has sparked about a significant economic impact. About 119,000 established across Texas admit to having reaped benefits from the company’s ad solutions and analytics.

Dave and Patti Fuller and their incredible story

Dave and Patti Fuller is a couple that is quite impressed by Google and the way it goes about its business activities. Asides from that, they are part of the many beneficiaries of Google’s free advertising. The couple admits that it has benefited from an amount of advertising that they wouldn’t have managed to pay for.

For a long time, the couple has always thought of its farming activities as something small scale. However, that was before they got to befit from Google’s strategy.

The story of this couple has slipped its way into the major publications around the globe. Some of these include the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist, and many more.

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