The US FDA Approves Allergan Plc (NYSE:AGN)’s Ubrogepant To Cure Migraine In Adults: Allergan Expects to Launch Ubrogepant In Q1 2020

Allergan Plc (NYSE:AGN) has received the nod of the US FDA for its innovative drug – Ubrogepant to cure migraines in adults. The new drugs work by blocking the CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) and offers relief for people suffering from migraine. Allergan expects to introduce Ubrogepant in Q1 2020 to treat migraines. According to the statistics of the American Migraine Foundation, thirty-seven million Americans are suffering from migraines.

Usage instructions

Adults need to consume tablet form – Ubrogepant immediately after experiencing a migraine. You can consume this drug irrespective of accompanied strange sensory disturbances, and aura.

Allergan, which has obtained a license for Ubrogepant from Merck in 2015, has conducted two phase 3 trials on a group of 1,500 patients, who suffer from migraine. A greater percentage of patients who consumed this drug have experienced relief after two hours of consuming Ubrogepant.

Potential liver damage concerns

The US FDA has approved Ubrogepant without any warning though there are initial indications of potential liver damage. It has not indicated a warning such as liver toxicity associated with this drug. It bodes well for companies such as Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, which submitted an application to the US FDA to review the investigational drug and awaits the decision.

Side effects of Ubrogepant

Patients who are subjected to the Ubrogepant trial have reported side effects such as dry mouth, tiredness, and nausea.

The US FDA has approved three injectable variants of drugs offered by Teva Pharmaceutical, Amgen, and Eli Lilly to treat migraines last year.

Abbivie Merges with Allergan

Abbivie expects to merge with Allergan in 2020 in a stock and cash deal. The combination expects to bring few synergies for various product categories. Both the firms are expecting to grow after achieving significant progress in their respective product segments in the past. According to Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Allergan, Dr. Mitchell Brin, the company is progressing in three aesthetic ones and eleven therapeutic indications. Senior Vice President (US Specialty Therapeutics), Jag Dosanjh, said the company is put in significant efforts to grow Botox in the past. The combined entity will focus on innovation and introduce several products to serve the patients.

The US FDA has approved Botox for the treatment of rare eye muscle disorders initially. The innovation brought a nod of the FDA for 11 therapeutic indications that comprise adult upper limb spasticity, cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, and Chronic Migraine.

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