Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) Extends 5G Coverage To 31 Cities In The US: Establishes First 5G Service In John Glenn Columbus International Airport

Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) has extended the 5G service to thirty-one cities in the US and meets its target for 2019. Its 5G service is now available in Hampton Roads (Virginia), Columbus, and Cleveland.

Verizon puts more efforts to boost coverage

Verizon is putting in significant efforts to improve 5G coverage. The company established the 5G service in six new cities that include Cleveland in Ohio, Columbus, and Hampton Roads (Virginia) last week.

With the availability of 5G service in 31 cities across the nation, Verizon is ahead of AT&T when counting the number of cities where 5G service availability. However, it is still behind T-Mobile, which is offering 5G service in the US. Verizon offers a faster 5G service. In terms of coverage, T-Mobile occupies the top slot, albeit slow speed. Of course, T-Mobile offers the speed marginally better than 4G LTE service.

Verizon established its first 5G presence at John Glenn Columbus International Airport. 5G uses millimeter-wave, and hence its penetration is little low and patchy when compared to 4G LTE. The customers can expect better coverage of 5G by next year.

5G coverage in John Glenn Columbus International Airport

Verizon announced it established 5G service in the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. However, its coverage is limited to some parts in the main ticketing area. It is not even available at the gate. The 5G service is sensitive to interference and short-ranged.

The stock of Verizon is declined by 1.08% to close at $61.40 on December 24, 2019, when compared to the previous trading session. However, Verizon recorded gains of 4.13% in November 2019.

Verizon expects to report better earnings soon. It would post a year on year growth of 3.57%. According to Zack consensus, Verizon would post revenues of $34.44 billion, an increase of 0.46% when compared to the same period last year.

Collaborates with Walt Disney studios

Verizon is collaborating with Walt Disney Studio Lab to develop and introduce entertainment using 5G. ILMxLAB, Walt Disney Studio Lab, and Verizon have joined hands to offer innovative entertainment experience to the customers with blazing speeds of 5G. They have conducted 5G tests to understand how it can impact the entertainment in the future.

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