Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Hints That New Changes May Include A 100kwh Battery And Other Features

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is undoubtedly one of the leading automakers around the globe. Widely known for its Model 3, the company is looking forward to adding some more advanced features to it.

An outlook into the matter

Tesla is one of the few companies that are quite dynamic. It is the kind of company that will speak about making a particular move, and suddenly it changes its decision. It is worth noting that the business giant’s sales and production capabilities majorly determine the decisions it makes. Whatever changes in line currently could be axed the next day, and that is just how matters move here.

There are numerous plans underway, but whether they are executed, only time will tell. The company’s Model 3 might have a few features that are usually associated with the large and the more expensive models.

Code sleuth Green reveals that details about some major improvements to take effect. One of them is the installation of a 100kWh battery to the ‘entry’ EV.

At this point, it might be difficult to tell the impact of this change. The guesswork among quite a significant number of people is that it might enhance Model S in terms of range and acceleration.

Green also points out to the code suggesting Ludicrous Mode and its impact on the Model 3. The whole thing might be revolving around spearheading some quick launches.

What should customers expect?

There are also other leaks in this particular regard. There might be some new wheel options. The earlier Continental hardware may end up being a thing of the past according to o reports. The company might just consider a switch in line with its models’ tire pressure sensors.

A lot of customers are looking forward to seeing the business guru implement most of these things. The battery, wheel upgrades, and the sensors are some of the things they wish the company acts upon. Given the nature of the way the company moves about its business affairs, they need to exercise patience. The idea that they should also be ready for disappointments is not far-fetched as well! Tesla would just come out of the woodworks at any time and announce changes.

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