, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Announces The Expansion Of Its Free Return Program, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) has some exciting news for its customers as the holiday season approaches. This is the expansion of its free return program.

How the program runs

This undertaking will have customers return millions of items to the business, and it will be for free. These will be items bought between November 1 and December 31. It has been in the culture of this company to allow returns over a 3o-day timeframe. The current exercise comes to a close on January 31, 2020.

Amazon is specific about the items that can be returned. It has pointed out to electronics, household items, and kitchen appliances.

News reporters were quick to ask the business guru the reason why it had decided to make a move. The company outlined that it wanted to be a part of those helping protect the environment. All the returned items as a requirement must weigh below 50 pounds according to the business leader.

A short while back, the company only allowed its customers to return beddings, shoes, and apparel.

Amazon is focused on expanding its fast-growing logistics network by a significant margin. It said that it was directing a great deal of its effort towards speeding up delivery times. More effort is also being channeled towards beefing up the company’s shipping network.

Turn of events

Both UPS and FedEx admit that it has been quite a struggle having to keep up with demand. The business guru previously outlined that it had been trying to give its air division a boost. It also announced that it had succeeded in buying stakes in some tow delivery airlines.

The online retailer has also applauded the major rise in the physical return points established across the United States. It reveals that the number has moved up to a figure of about 18,000 physical return points.

Amazon also discloses that there are about 6,000 established “label-free and box-free” locations. The UPS Store, a number of the Whole Foods locations, and the Kohl’s are just part of these locations.

Customers will be required to show a store associate their QR codes, and this is just policy.

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