Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) Unveils A New Subscription Service

Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) is one of the few companies that have their products known almost everywhere around the globe. There are millions, if not billions of people globally, who would recognize the company’s brand at a glance. This might serve as an explanation as to why people flocked to subscribe to the company’s latest subscription service.

Insiders Club

This is the Coca-Cola Insiders Club, and there were 1000 chances to the interested persons. Reports indicate that the subscription service sold out quite fast, but this was anticipated.

The Insiders Club has been unveiled today and is going to be put to test for about is going to be an elaborate process that will have the business guru ship products to the members. This will be an opportunity for them to enjoy new products and their exclusive tastes. The company says that some of the members will taste the products even before it channels them to the public.

The monthly packages, according to the company, are going to be versatile. Tastes of about three beverage categories will characterize them. For example, it might be a mix of Coke Energy and sparkling water characterized by the new Aha flavor. There may also be a few beautiful surprises and swag as well.

The digital experiences manager working at Coca-Cola North America McCrea O’Haire says their success is pegged on their innovation. According to the official, the innovation stretches from the products to the delivery of the best consumer experiences.

O’Haire perspective

O’Haire considers the Insiders Club as the perfect opportunity for them to showcase the wide-ranging products they manufacture. The other thing is about distributing the company’s latest innovations to fans wanting to be the first ones to taste.

This subscription service requires pulls along with charges to the interested persons. They will be paying $10 every month. The other way will be to make an upfront payment of $50 for all the six months periods.

The surprising aspect and which speaks volumes about the brand is that the fans were happy to pay. The company’s spokesperson says that it took only three hours for the pilot program to be completed.

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