LYFT Inc (NASDAQ:LYFT) Introduces Inexpensive Car Rental Service In The Bay Area And Los Angeles: LYFT Offers Flexible Transportation For Weekend Getaways

LYFT Inc (NASDAQ:LYFT) has introduced an inexpensive car rental service for the customers in select large cities. It is an alternative to owning a car or hiring a ride-sharing service. The flexible transportation is perfect for the customers, who intend to go for a weekend getaway with the family.

Unrestricted transportation

Lyft’s new car rental service is useful for customers who need an unrestricted transportation service. The customers can download and install the Lyft app to avail of this service. All they need to do is open the app and search for available cars in their location. The app shows the available cars along with weekly or daily prices at the chosen pickup location. Lyft also offers a credit of up to $20 to the customers to pay for the drop-off and pickup from the pickup location.

No last minute vehicle changes

The users of Lyft will not experience any vehicle changes at the last minute. You can enjoy unlimited mileage. The drivers can return the car without filling up a tank at the end of the trip. Lyft is offering the users who ditched their cars with various perks by an innovative Caravan alliance. They can enjoy several free months of service after opting for the Lyft Pink subscription service. The subscription customers also enjoy free credits. Lyft is offering these free perks to lure the customers. Lyft Pink is a new subscription service with special perks and discounts. However, the customers who received an invitation only can avail of this service.

Sends an email invitation

The customers, who received a private email invitation, can participate in the Ditch Your Car Program. Those who received an invitation through email can sell their car until December 16, 2019, with Caravan. Lyft offers a credit of $250 to the clients, who surrendered their vehicle to Caravan. The customers can use the credit to pay for the rides of Lyft. They can also use the credit for Lyft Pink’s three months trial.

The new Lyft Pink is ideal for people where inexpensive transportation is available. However, it is not recommended to sell their car and depend on a ride-sharing service.

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