IBM (NYSE:IBM) Reduces The Timeline To Implement AI Models To Six Weeks: IBM Implemented AI Models At 115 Companies

IBM (NYSE:IBM) is helping the companies to establish AI Models at a faster pace than it has previously envisioned. The time to rollout the AI models is now reduced to six weeks from 12 weeks. Its clients’ list includes Sprint, Experian, Lufthansa, Harley Davidson, Siemens, and Carrefour. One of the beauties of this rollout is that its service is completely free. The customers may like projects and retain IBM as their preferred vendor. They may consider paying for the mainframe and cloud of IBM.

Huge success

An executive at IBM, Rob Thomas, who is managing the AI SWAT team, said it is a huge success for the project after announcing the push a year back. In 2018, the company introduced the Data Science Elite team to help the large companies to productionize their first AI models. This initiative is yielding results. Its data scientist’s team is now increased to 100 from earlier 30. The company expects to hire more data scientists next year to cater to growth worldwide. IBM has already implemented the initiative at 115 firms.

Working of the AI model

IBM Cloud’s Chief Data Officer, Seth Dobrin, outlined the process as below:

The data team of IBM will hold discussions with the chief technology officer, the client, to know if any problem exists and develop an application to solve the issue. An elite team at IBM is responsible for brainstorm an idea involving AI in two days to tackle the issue. The team will also hold discussions with lower-level executives to know how the AI model will drive business decisions. They will draw up a plan to implement in three stages.

In the first stage, the engineers collect the data. Features are developed in the second stage and fine-tune the model in the third stage to suit the needs of the client. After finalization, the model is implemented as API. IBM invites data visualization experts to envision how the output of this model looks like. The client can adopt the model for its business. It can also seek the help of IBM to take over this task.

Several businesses worldwide are yearning to implement AI in their workstreams to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Choosing the right AI model is the key to achieve success. Companies like IBM will help such companies to implement their AI models for free.

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