Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Reveals Plans To Terminate Wunderlist

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has finally given its word regarding the fate of Wunderlist. This happens to be an application that simplifies matters for users a huge deal. It makes it possible for users to manage their tasks at any place provided they have their smartwatch, tablet, computer or Smartphone. It has been having some additional collaboration features which users have been enjoying by taking up the paid version of the app. The business guru says that it is going to shut down this app.

Recent developments

It is now four years down the line since the time the company purchased this productivity app. After just three years it is coming up with this announcement and a lot of people want to know the reasons behind the move.

The date for its termination has been set already and that is probably going to be on May 6, 2020.

This business leader bought Wunderlist with plans to succeed at taking productivity a notch higher. It hoped to bolster the functionality of the Microsoft To-Do productivity app.

The turn of events

At first, the reception didn’t seem quite good. However, as time progressed the app started showcasing remarkable performance. It had been incorporating most of Wunderlist’s features which are believed to have boosted its functionality significantly. Even with that, still, a huge number of users went for the OG app back.

Anyone following closely on the activities of this company can arrive at several conclusions. One of them is that the company has been showcasing great dedication in efforts to get it integrated with its wide-ranging services. Analysts say that it has been giving the company an edge in serving users who are so much into the office ecosystem.

Christian Reber is the big name behind the development of Wunderlist. It was some point back that he made known his intentions to purchase the app back. It seems like there is no more hope considering that Wunderlist is on the verge of extinction.

The company has informed all the concerned parties that a time is coming when the app will no longer sync to the cloud. However, it says that users will be in a position to export their list to its Microsoft To Do.

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