General Motors (NYSE:GM) Launches New Version Suburban and Chevy Tahoe

General Motors (NYSE:GM) has doubled down on its big SUVs to launch a new version of a longer Chevrolet Tahoe and suburban.

GM unveils new larger Tahoe and Suburban

Mark Reuss the CEO of the company indicated that the company was expanding its vehicle lineup by using its sport and large truck utility architecture. The SUVs the company launched are the first of its new generation vehicles from which proceeds will go into developing electric vehicles for the future.

The Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban account for over 40% of GM’s non-luxury SUV market in America. The Suburban is similar to Tahoe but it is longer and roomier giving more space for cargo. The new versions are identical and almost the same size.

GM indicated that the 2021 Tahoe is around 6.7 inches longer than the present Tahoe and can carry a cargo of around 122.9 cubic feet. It has legroom of 10 more inches for passengers in the third-row seats and is a better ride because of the car-like autonomous rear suspension. The Suburban is longer by 1.3 inches and will now be 225.7 inches long which makes it one of the longest passenger cars in the market. Six-cylinder diesel motors or an eight-cylinder gasoline engine will power the new version of the SUVs.

Independent rear suspension gives SUVs smoother and better ride

The independent rear suspension in the SUVs improves handling and enhances the quality of the ride. Previously the SUVs had solid rear axles like those in pickup trucks but the independent suspension now gives a better and smoother rider with more space.

Reuss indicated that the vehicles have a digital electronic architecture that helps in over-the-air software updates. He said that this is a huge potential to earn more revenue by selling the functions to customers or avoiding repairs with software updates. Already Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is using over-the-air upgrades to generate revenue and also fix problems at minimum cost.

The company has invested around $1.4 billion to expand its operations in Arlington Texas where they will be assembling the new SUVs.

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