Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Speaks Out On The Unveiling Of The Incognito Mode

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has come to the rescue of iPhone users by rolling out the incognito mode. According to this search giant, its navigation app will function to determine what happens with the Google maps.

How it works

Users have been looking forward to that moment that they would easily turn off Google map’s tracking activity. They will now be using the incognito mode of Chrome web browsing to accomplish that. The company discloses that it rolled out the feature to all the Android users in October.

The new wave of change means well for users who are going to enjoy a lot of freedom. They will be able to decide the amount of information that they want to be stored.

Turning on the incognito mode is nothing complicated. All a user needs to do is move to his or her profile photo in the app’s right corner and toggle. This is quite simplified for users who will be able to switch between the modes depending on what they want.

A close outlook

It was back in May that the search giant spoke about the privacy setting for the very first time. That was during its I/O conference where it also spoke about its other plans into the future.

By disabling the app, a user will be able to eliminate all levels of personalization. That is including the restaurant recommendations based on his/her navigation. The other thing is that the location history will be scrapped off and thus you will be unable to check out on the places that you have visited.

Google also says that its users need to get ready for the upcoming bulk Timeline deletions. For anyone that doesn’t know what Timeline is, it is a feature that relies on one’s location history in depicting the various places that a user has been to. It is easy to trace it within the “sandwich” icon that lies to the left side of the search bar. Switching off location tracking implies that the user is no longer using the app. The Timeline will indicate that a user hasn’t visited any places.

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