, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Blames Trump Over The Loss Of A JEDI Contract

It seems like, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) isn’t getting over the military cloud computing contract it lost anytime soon. It is entirely casting blame on Donald Trump over missing out on the JEDI contract. According to the company, the president had political motives in ripping off Amazon of this deal.

Details about the deal

According to some court documents, it is indeed true that Trump supported Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to take up the deal. He had the intention to hurt the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos who is also the owner of the Washington Post. This publication has been deemed by a select group of people as spreading “fake news”. However, there is room to question this sentiment.

The Defense Department is also one of the parties being blamed. It is said to have made some blatant errors in its efforts to adhere to what the Whitehouse wanted.

Amazon thinks that the Pentagon failed in a great way as the center of power in the country. According to it, Pentagon should have taken the time to at least recognize some of the best efforts by the company.

Turn of events

Amazon’s legal team has been following the matter closely on the matter. It says that Pentagon did not adhere well to the rules of procurement. Instead of focusing its attention on these rules, it leaned more on what the commander in chief wanted. They believe that Trump wouldn’t by any chance back up the idea of AWS taking up the deal.

Analysts have also spoken about the matter and they believe that AWS was undoubtedly the superior bidder.

It is not anything new that Bezos has indeed been a perceived enemy of the president. The United States Court of Federal is closely looking at the matter seeking to establish whether or not Trump was ill-willed.

One thing that is coming out is the way

Amazon says that the loss of the $10 billion isn’t all it is concerned about. It says that winning the JEDI contract would have given it a strong foothold in the contracting business. It has been seeking to expand its services from coast to coast but Trump just stood on its way.

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