Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Decided To Set Up A $10 Rate Per Month For Data

It was a short while back when Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) gave an update declaring its plan to be charging the in-car data. The company may have contradicted itself considering its new decision on the premium “in-car data”.

A close look

It has sent notifications to all the customers informing them about the new premium service. This is going to be a 30-day trial period. They will enjoy free connectivity at a rate of $10 per month in which case they get to enjoy all features freely.

The latest move by the business guru is no cause for alarm! That is considering that there is quite little to miss out on. In the whole of the basic tier, the traffic visualizations and the satellite maps will be the only things users forego.

Lover of Caraoke, web browsing and media streaming will continue having fun because these will still be in place. The only thing they will have to do will be to stay connected to WiFi.

Impact of the changes on customers

From a critical perspective, this would imply the possibility of any given user’s ability to reclaim a great deal of functionality. All that users will need to do is use the phone’s data. However, it is worth noting that in some instances the typical caps on hotspot could end up spelling otherwise. It would pose problems if you fully relying upon your phone in the making of a Grand Tour episode.

News reporters have been piling immense pressure on Tesla in a bid to get it to comment. The business guru said that the rising data costs have been a matter of great concern. It says that it needed help and the best way would be by compelling the drivers to shoulder some of the costs.

However, Tesla believes that it is not placing a heavy burden on its customers. It is something they can put up with. The motor vehicle manufacturer believes that anyone with the luxury to buy a luxury EV is not quite limited. Such a person has what it takes to have some spare $120 to use for satellite data and music during commuting.

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