Antitrust Decision May Stand In The Way Of, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Making Acquisitions, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) may not have it easy buying into a very successful startup in the UK. This is because it may be hindered by the antitrust authorities which according to reports may have some reservations.

Fears over Amazon’s activities

These authorities feel that Amazon may have made some grave mistakes in the past. This is an aspect that would be detrimental should it be given the go-ahead.

The Competition and Markets Authority is being faced with a very serious decision that it must make with urgency. The interested parties are looking forward to seeing the way it rules out regarding the continuation or grinding to a halt a two-month.old probe. It was a probe that sought to freeze Amazon’s bid valued at $500 million. This was specifically the company’s targeted minority stake at Deliveroo which happens to be a food delivery service.

Lawyer’s stand

A competition lawyer that works at Pinsent Masons in London known as Alan Davis reveals has spoken about the matter. According to him, CMA is one of those parties that want to see tech companies take advantage of the most lucrative markets.

The lawyer isn’t pleased about the antitrust regulators whom he has termed paranoid. He says that the problem emanates from the antitrust regulators’ failure to take their time to keenly look into the mergers. This sleeping at their job is what stashing them in this sort of paranoia according to the official. They needed to look closely into the mergers, one of them being the Facebook-WhatsApp merger.

Sources indicate that the Authorities had issues dealing with the stand that Facebook took regarding the merger. They thought of it as rather contradictory especially on the way it handled the issues of data.

The EU officials cast blame on Facebook saying that it had blinded them into approving the2014 takeover. One thing that is quite evident is the new stand of the antitrust authorities from around the globe. Most of them have shifted focus to the Big Tech. There are many companies in the US facing probe in the US including Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

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