Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) Says The FDA Was To Blame For The Asbestos Scare

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) is blaming the FDA, saying it was negligent in testing its baby powder. According to the business guru, the body had on flimsy grounds ordered a recall of about 33,000 bottles of its product. It says that its talc doesn’t have any defects as had been pointed out by the regulatory body.

A close outlook

This company reached out to the FDA after learning about the results obtained by two third-party labs. The number of tests carried out was 155, and no trace of asbestos was discovered. Johnson & Johnson says that the FDA analysts didn’t conduct the test as required. It has also indicated that it could also have been a case of product sample contamination.

AMA Analytical Services is the lab that the FDA contracted to carry out the tests on its product. This body failed at following the required protocol and also showed laxity in making the asbestos confirmation.

There had been rumors in circulation that the problem had emanated from the manufacturing supply chain and the mine. Johnson & Johnson has been quick to rule out these rumors saying that the issue was entirely a mistake of the FDA’s part.

The company says that it has never witnessed such a case before, and it was shocked at the news. Experts say that asbestos is a harmful product that could cause cancer. They also link the substance to a deadly condition known as mesothelioma.

FDA’s defense

FDA, on the other hand, isn’t taking the blame despite the company’s frustrations. It says that it did its job the right way and that there could be several reasons for the inconsistencies.

According to the body, the error could have resulted from different labs using resorting to different methods of testing. It asserts that the industry doesn’t have any comprehensive detection standard that could be deemed perfect.

The body also says that the powdered talc may have had an uneven distribution of fibers. This could have resulted in the error.FDA says it had to give priority to consumers, and that is why it took that decision to recall the product.

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