Ford Motor (NYSE:F) To Utilize Mcdonald’s Waste In Manufacturing Activities

Ford Motor (NYSE:F) and McDonald have found a way to help each other’s businesses flourish. This is according to Ford, which says that the use of chaff composite will help it cut down on energy consumption. Asides from that, the business guru will also succeed at making some of its car components lighter.

A close outlook

McDonald won’t have to waste its coffee chaff from now moving forward because it will be selling it to Ford. This is what the motor vehicle manufacturer is using in making the interior components.

The sustainability and emerging materials segment of Ford is currently headed by Debbie Mielewski. This technical leader is one of those that have aired out their views regarding the latest business collaboration. He has termed it a great move saying that he sees even more business opportunities with McDonald’s. According to this leader, McDonald’s has a lot of ketchup discards that can still be put into good use. He says the new idea is a great step on their path towards environmental sustainability.

The turn of events

McDonald’s has been a great performer in business, considering the significant sales it has made in the past. In 2018 alone, this industry leader managed to sell about 822 million cups of hot McCafe coffee. That was in the competitive and dynamic US market.

Ford says that the transformed waste is helping it a huge deal with the development of the headlight housings. To accomplish this, it utilizes chaff from about 300,000 beans, and the benefits are quite many. One of the benefits is that the components manufactured using the chaff composite remarkably withstand heat.

McDonald’s has also revealed its plans to support their new working relationship with Ford. It says that it is going to channel a huge portion of its North American coffee chaff to its business partner.

From the outlook, it is clear that both these companies are dedicated to working together. Ford says that it will continue looking out for more ways to strengthen the business partnership. It also adds that it is eyeing more of McDonald’s scraps and that the future looks bright for them.

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