Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Faces Pressure In Line With Its Plan To Encrypt Its Messaging

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is currently under pressure from The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). This body is against its plan to encrypt all is messaging services. The body says that the move will put child abusers at an advantage. The body says that the social media giant has a responsibility to look out for the safety of children on its platform.

Facebook insists it is in charge

The social network has rushed to its defense, saying that it wasn’t going to do everything at once. This company has been making a series of consultations in a bid to incorporate measures to ensure the safety of children. It downplays the rumors that it was going to exact its plans before putting children’s safety into consideration.

NSPCC managed to get the police to provide it with data regarding cases of abuse. From the data, about 22% of the child abuse cases were traced on Instagram, and 19% were on Facebook Messenger.

The turn of events

NSPCC also asked for data on WhatsApp, and it was shocked to discover only a figure of 3%. These findings have stirred their frustration more, saying that Facebook wants to engage in something quite dangerous. According to the body, the small figure associated with WhatsApp tells just how much the encryption move is going to help protect criminals.

In case the social media company moves ahead with the plan, there will be an increased risk of child sex crimes. NSPCC urges Facebook to be more considerate because the move means criminals going undetected and unpunished.

The NSPCC says that out of the 43 police forces they contacted, only 32% agreed to give them data. This makes the body fear that the numbers could even be higher.

This body is calling upon all the supporters behind its quest to participate in the push. According to it, they could sign an open letter to the company urging it to adhere to the best practices. NSPCC says that it would help if the company did away with the end-to-end encryption on children’s accounts. It would be proper that no encryption is put on all the messages moving into and out of the accounts belonging to children.

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