, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Introduces New Features To Uphold Its Lead, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) wants to take a strong grasp of the market by enhancing its cloud business. It hopes to achieve this by the addition of more exciting and useful features. The company’s most dynamic segment is its web division and also the one that fetches it the highest revenues. Statistics show that Amazon is the leader in the fast-growing cloud infrastructure market.

The turn of events

Analysts have been checking out the performance of the company and the reason why it has always been on the lead. They cite several reasons, one of them being that Amazon got into the market ahead of most of its rivals. The other outstanding reason is undoubtedly its continued dedication to the addition of new features.

Currently, the business guru prides itself on having developed about 175 different services for its customers. The rate at which it comes up with these services is astounding. Two years ago, the number of services stood at 100. In the previous year, the figure was 140.

This company’s Web services segment has been there for almost 13 years, and its dynamics have been impressive.

Back in 2018, Amazon was rated to lead the entire industry having a controlling interest of about 47.8% of the market. This was going by research that was conducted by a research firm called Gartner.

One year back, the figure stood at 47.8%, and the company wasn’t impressed after striking a comparison between the two performances. Amazon says that it wants to make progress, and taking steps backward isn’t to its interest.

New services

The first exciting service the company is providing is the wavelength services that will see customers conduct faster business operations. Customers have been looking forward to a service that would make cloud computing much easier. Amazon seems to have heard their cry and will see them also benefit from better storage services.

The other remarkable service is the fraud detector, which will play a massive role in helping deal with fake sign-ups. The issue about the stolen credit cards has been there over a long period, and it will also be taken care of.

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